Big Blue Zimbabwe – a Day on Lake Kariba

October has been exceptionally dry. A local idiom designates the suffering of animals, vegetation, and people during the ‘suicide month’. The midlands has no other water to offer than the occasional small creeks, gradually stagnating under the road bridges between the small townships.

10 Reasons To Be Merry

It’s a wrap! What a year it has been. We’re grateful for all the memories and friends we made this year, from here we can only get bigger! The lessons we learnt in 2018 will help shape up the coming year and we’re ready for it! We wish you all the best and here’s a quick list to get you started on a good note.

Jerry Can Save Your Trip

Over the past 2 months Zimbabwe has been hit with intermittent fuel shortages which have caused a few hiccups in the transport sector across the country. Motorists have had to sleep in queues in some cases just to get a chance to fill their tanks so that they don’t run out.

Hiking Guide Zimbabwe

When thinking about travelling, most of us look to UNESCO for the World Heritage sites so that we can tick the bucket list. Similarly, when travelling to Zimbabwe, there is no doubt that you are swayed by the appeal of the mighty Victoria Falls – and honestly, who can blame you! The Victoria Falls make …

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What’s Your September Looking Like?

September is always an exciting month for the art fanatics in Zimbabwe and those visiting the country for the first time. Besides our passion to eat and unhealthy habit of turning our problems into jokes, Zimbos really know how to turn up. If you’ve been to HIFA or Neverland Zimbabwe then you know the vibe.

Inyauri River Hike

As has become customary on a Saturday afternoon, I take nature walks and hikes mostly to clear my head while the birds sing to me. It’s a great escape from the busy streets in the City of Harare.

10 Things to Appreciate About Zimbabwe

For a Zimbabwean, it is easy to take some things for granted. I am sure it is the same for a Parisian and the Eiffel Tower! There are some things that you only begin to appreciate once visitors to your country comment on or in my case, meeting different people when I travel abroad who ask me about places or experiences I have no idea exist in Zimbabwe.

New Years’ Eve in Kariba

My last trip to Kariba was during the festive season, a prime time for exploring a small town as it will have slightly more people than usual, and so chances of standing out too much are very slim. I’m a proud domestic tourist, and my goal remains to travel to, and experience every single corner of Zimbabwe by 2019.

Nyanga Hiking Trip: Overnight Tour of the Eastern Highlands

Starting out at 5am was a daunting idea at first but something I knew was necessary if we were going to reach Nyangani Mountain (3-4 hour drive). It is not allowed to go up the mountain afternoon because there is a greater risk of disappearing. Yes! people have been known to disappear, and our guide, Stewart was quick to mention that the last person to disappear was an ‘Indian guy’ in 2014.