Jerry Can Save Your Trip

Over the past 2 months Zimbabwe has been hit with intermittent fuel shortages which have caused a few hiccups in the transport sector across the country. Motorists have had to sleep in queues in some cases just to get a chance to fill their tanks so that they don’t run out. The situation has escalated to the extent that some opportunists have started selling their own reserves of fuel on the black market for as much as $5 per litre (Yup, we were shocked too). Officials say there is enough fuel to cater for everyone but we thought we could just give you a few trips if you’re going to be traveling across Zimbabwe this festive season because well…it’s festival season! So we wouldn’t want you to miss out on Vic Falls carnival and Charara Kariba Fest.

  1. A jerry can has become an essential part of our Zim care package, never ever leave home without one! If driving into Zimbabwe, bring one with you as it will cost you upwards of USD$200 to buy one in Zimbabwe
  2. In the event that you come across a fueling station with fuel, it is wise to top up your tank even if it’s ¾ full because you never know when you’re going to runout or the next time you’re going to get it.
  3. Avoid buying fuel in the middle of nowhere as con artists are taking advantage of the situation and selling diluted petrol/diesel to unsuspecting travellers.
  4. Some fueling stations are not taking ecocash (mobile money) or bond (Zimbabwean currency), so it is important that you have a reserve of United States Dollars for fuel. If you are lucky to have a membership card for a fuel station like Total or Zuva the better, you can even skip the long queues.
  5. Be sure to check ahead of time the service stations, which will have fuel in the route you are going to use by visiting
  6. Friends, Yes, in times like these it is important to have friends who will come through for you if you run out in the middle of nowhere.
  7. It may be worthwhile to book a guided tour as no one knows Zimbabwe like the locals. It is one sure way to ensure you will not be stuck in a long fuel queue and waste the holiday away

We wish you an unforgettable and epic experience as you travel this festive season and don’t spend your money in one place!

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