Rhino and Elephant Awareness Day

Rhino and Elephant Awareness Day by AWARE Trust. Tiritose was invited to help with the fundraising initiative for the endangered Rhino and Elephant, an event held at Old Georgians Sports Club. Tiritose helped with marketing the event, rounding up volunteers and carried out flash mobs with dancers from the Tamba Africa Ensemble at several shopping malls.

The flash mobs were successful in raising awareness of this event and of the great work AWARE is doing for our wildlife. AWARE is the only conservation trust in Zimbabwe run by veterinarians, focusing on the welfare of wildlife and conservation of habitats. Their mission is to proactively further the conservation and raise awareness of veterinary and ecological threats to the various species and habitats.

The day started with early morning runs (5km and 10km). There were several performances including Charlie Summerfield, live stream from Johannesburg by Joanne Cooper. The event was a huge success that resulted in the raising of over USD$9,000. It was streamed live by ZOL and Shannon Elizabeth (Hollywood actress, most known for her role in American Pie & Scary Movie) was present and contributed by raising money from the U.S. through her site Animal Avengers.


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