What’s Your September Looking Like?

September is always an exciting month for the art fanatics in Zimbabwe and those visiting the country for the first time. Besides our passion to eat and unhealthy habit of turning our problems into jokes, Zimbos really know how to turn up. If you’ve been to HIFA or Neverland Zimbabwe then you know the vibe. Founded in 2005 and a highlight of Bulawayo’s cultural calendar, Intwasa is one of the longest-running multidisciplinary arts festivals in Zimbabwe. The festival takes place every September in various venues in Bulawayo’s central business district. It offers a diverse programme that includes theatre, dance, music, spoken word, visual arts, literary arts and fashion. Around the same time in Harare, we will be getting our gear ready for Shoko festival, an explosive highlight of the arts. A whole 3 days of awesome performances and most importantly, good vibes!

These festivals are an important educational platform if you’re visiting Zimbabwe for the first time. They present a chance to see Zimbabwe in a unique light you’d otherwise not see any other time. Seeing the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer in terms of arts and culture and how the country’s artscape is evolving and becoming bolder in terms of expression. Tiritose captures all these elements under it’s eduacational tour package. The programme offers a cultural immersion experience, a chance to build and interact with locals in community projects, environmental and conservation projects among others based on your collective interests and the imidiate needs of the community…But you can always find out more on our website.



Shoko Festival is Zimbabwe’s most popular and longest running urban culture festival. Over the years the festival has provided a platform for comedians, musicians and spoken word artists to perform. The festival also hosts free conferences ( keyword here is FREE), workshops and panels. Shoko Festival is a production of Magamba Network, Zimbabwe’s leading creative organisation.

Shoko is a space for open minds and free spirits (hippies basically). Its main mandate is concerned with growing urban culture and pushing the boundaries of free expression. With the beautiful insanity of Moonchild Sanelly (South Africa), the rising voice of Asaph and the challenging humor of Farhan Esat, a pretty solid lineup for a lituation, no?! From daring comedy to musical mash-ups, from mind-blowing talks on tech to the amazing community pulse of Peace in The Hood!

Bulawayo the city of Kings and Queens will be buzzing with activity this month as well from the 26th up until the 29th of September at Intwasa. This is an isiNdebele word meaning “spring”, which is when the festival is held. The season signifies rebirth, regrowth, rejuvenation and renewal. The ideas of rebirth and renewal permeate the festival providing festival-goers with memories to carry them through to the next edition.

The festival, a feast of entertainment rooted in the heart of what is known as Zimbabwe’s most creative city, is about bringing people together and celebrating human diversity and creativity. It encourages bold, thought-provoking ideas and brave performances. With the venues being central, it is safe and easy to walk from one venue to another. The City Hall Car Park remains the hub of the festival, with most events being free of charge, with something to appeal to everyone.


When you explore Zimbabwe with Tiritose, you will be immersed in diverse cultural and entertainment activities.