How long in advance do I start planning for a trip abroad?

So obviously you can’t just up and say,‘I’m flying across the world tomorrow’ without doing any research, booking flights, accommodation...
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What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel means innovating and maintaining eco-friendly ways to do tourism. Traditionally, tourism was known to only be about fun...
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Getting in contact – Making a Change

My friend, Helene and I arrived in Harare in September 2018, working on an international project concerning reduction of the prevalence of HIV among adolescents in Zimbabwe. We want to get a broad perspective on the issues of HIV, and how it affect the society and the children and adolescents living in it.
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Big Blue Zimbabwe – a Day on Lake Kariba

October has been exceptionally dry. A local idiom designates the suffering of animals, vegetation, and people during the ‘suicide month’. The midlands has no other water to offer than the occasional small creeks, gradually stagnating under the road bridges between the small townships.
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10 Reasons To Be Merry

It’s a wrap! What a year it has been. We’re grateful for all the memories and friends we made this year, from here we can only get bigger! The lessons we learnt in 2018 will help shape up the coming year and we’re ready for it! We wish you all the best and here’s a quick list to get you started on a good note.
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Jerry Can Save Your Trip

Over the past 2 months Zimbabwe has been hit with intermittent fuel shortages which have caused a few hiccups in the transport sector across the country. Motorists have had to sleep in queues in some cases just to get a chance to fill their tanks so that they don’t run out.
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Music that Matters

Tiritose attended a week-long summer camp in Marondera, held by the Let The Children Play Trust (LTCP). The camp is called Music That Matters and nurtures musical talents of young people, from giving vocal lessons to learning and playing instruments.
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Hiking Guide Zimbabwe

When thinking about travelling, most of us look to UNESCO for the World Heritage sites so that we can tick...
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The Modern Guide for Those Traveling to Zimbabwe

If this is your first time travelling to Zimbabwe or you’re now a regular visitor here’s some information that you might need to know before and during your trip! You can thank us later.
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Hey, I heard you are a wild one…

Zimbabwe has more types of wild fruits than even the natives are aware of. Different parts of this small country are known for different fruits, so no matter where you go, you’ll be sure to find something that will pleasantly surprise your taste buds and your body because they are all organic
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